Create your own design

To see how great your box will look! Let us create a box for you.

  • Corporate
    Corporate Samples2

    Market your companies image, milestone or event and give a gift of delicious chocolate to compliment. Read more >>

  • Personal
    Personal Samples 2

    Surprise your family, friends or business colleagues with a delicious bar of chocolate that celebrates your special occasion or event. Read more >>

  • Graduation
    Graduation Samples3

    Announce your achievement to family and friends with a delicious bar of chocolate highlighting your course and personalised with your academic qualification. Read more >>

  • Fundraising
    Anniversary fundraiser

    Raise funds for your school, sports club/team or charity by selling 50grams of delicious chocolate with your own unique design on the cover, simply draw or create an image along with text for your sleeve and we will put it together for you to sell. Read more >>